251. Paul B. 'Fibber'5 McGhee (Robert Rothrock4, James3, Elizabeth2 Linn, Andrew1)(1577) was born in Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA August 22, 1898. Paul died August 5, 1982 in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA, at 83 years of age.

He married Margaret 'Molly' Ludwig.(1578) Margaret was born in Loganton, unk Co., Unk ST circa 1902. Margaret(1579) was the daughter of David Ludwig. Margaret died February 4, 1958 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA, at 55 years of age. Fibber and Molly resided at 204 Susquehanna Ave., Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in 1948 and are buried in the Jacksonville Cemetery. She died at the Divine Providence Hospital in Williamsport. (01409:20) Editor's note: It is interesting that they had in real life the names of a rather famous radio show duo, Fibber McGhee and Molly! I do believe, however, that the radio duo spelled McGhee differently. __________________________For Additional Information See the Lock Haven Express of August 6, 1982 (01409:20).

Paul B. 'Fibber' McGhee and Margaret 'Molly' Ludwig had the following children:

child 484 i. Harriet6 McGhee(1580). She married Unk Yoder.(1581) (Additional notes for Unk Yoder(1582)) Harriet and her husband lived in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (01409:30). __________________________Further Research Required The given name of Mr. Yoder should be determined.

child 485 ii. Dorothy McGhee(1583). She married Dean Boone.(1584) (Additional notes for Dean Boone(1585)) Dean and Dorothy lived in Flemington, Pennsylvania (01409:30).

child 486 iii. Hope McGhee(1586). She married Schuyler Keister.(1587) (Additional notes for Schuyler Keister(1588)) Schuyler and Hope lived in Hackettstown, New Jersey (01409:30).

child 487 iv. Gerry McGhee(1589). She married Donald Powers.(1590) (Additional notes for Donald Powers(1591)) He resides in Mill Hall, PA January 1995.

She resides in Mill Hall, PA January 1995.

child 488 v. Peggy McGhee(1592). She married Stanley J. Glossner.(1593) (Additional notes for Stanley J. Glossner(1594)) He resides in Monroetown January 1995.

She resides in Monroetown January 1995.

child 489 vi. Gayle McGhee(1595). She married twice. She married Walter E. Baur Jr.(1596) (Additional notes for Walter E. Baur Jr.(1597)) She married Harlod Glenn.(1598) (Additional notes for Harlod Glenn(1599)) Gayle is noted as living in Rochester, New York in 1953 and 1982 (01409:30).

child 490 vii. Opal McGhee(1600). She married Unk Moyer.(1601) (Additional notes for Unk Moyer(1602)) He resides in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA January 1995.

She resides in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA January 1995.

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