4. Elizabeth2 Linn (Andrew1)(30) was born circa 1796.

She married John McGhee. John(31) was the son of James McGhee and Hannah Worden. John died 1833. Mr. Lingle, author of sources 00836 & 00838, believes that he may have died prior to November 5 in the year 1833. __________________________Further Research Required Brian Linn thought at one point that source 00836 indicated that she died during the 1870s; however, a complete review clearly reveals that this source has no information regarding the year of death. Perhaps it is in source 00838, but, in any case, this matter should be resolved.

Elizabeth Linn and John McGhee had the following children:

child + 14 i. James3 McGhee was born October 26, 1823.

child + 15 ii. John McGhee was born 1825.

child 16 iii. Andrew McGhee(32) was born 1826. Andrew died 1847 at 21 years of age.

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