Fifth Generation

248. Besse F.5 McGhee (Robert Rothrock4, James3, Elizabeth2 Linn, Andrew1)(1557) was born June 12, 1886. Besse died December 16, 1965 in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA, at 79 years of age. Her body was interred in Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA.

She married twice. She married James Allen Miller.(1558) James was born 1882. (Additional notes for James Allen Miller(1559)) James died 1916 at 34 years of age. She married Charles Wolfe.(1560) (Additional notes for Charles Wolfe(1561)) Besse resided at 221 E. Clinton Street in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in 1948 and was a member of the Mill Hall Church of Christ. Besse was living with her daughter Jenny at the of her death. She died at the Lock Haven Hospital and is buried in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery. When she died, she was grandmother to 18 and great-grandmother to 25. (01409:20 & 30) __________________________For Additional Information See the Lock Haven Express issue of March 4, 1948 and the issue of December 16, 1965 (01409:20). __________________________Further Research Required Source 01409:30 indicates that she had 18 grand and 25 great grandchildren but provides no additional information about these individuals. If possible, more needs to be ascertained. Besse was married twice and had 7 children; however, source 01409:20 notes four children for whom it isn't known to which union they were born. [Below she is listed as having a third husband; however, this must be a programming oddity within Roots III related to children where the father's name is unknown and the mother was married at some point in her life.]

Besse F. McGhee and James Allen Miller had the following children:

child 477 i. Saylor6 Miller(1562). He resides in Cogan Station 1965.

child 478 ii. Clifford Miller(1563). He resides in Mill Hall, PA 1965.

Besse F. McGhee and Charles Wolfe had the following child:

child 479 iii. William J. Wolfe(1564). He resides in McElhatten, PA.

Besse F. McGhee had the following children:

child 480 iv. Unknown Daughter McGhee(1565). She married Edward Best.(1566) (Additional notes for Edward Best(1567)) He resides in Lynchburg, VA 1965.

She resides in Lynchburg, Virginia 1965.

child 481 v. Jenny McGhee(1568). She married Unk Wert.(1569) (Additional notes for Unk Wert(1570))

She resides in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA 1965. Jenny lived at 224 E. Clinton Street in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in 1965 (01409:30).

child 482 vi. Unknown Daughter McGhee(1571). She married John Rock.(1572) (Additional notes for John Rock(1573)) He resides in Waynesburg 1965.

She resides in Waynesburg 1965.

child 483 vii. Unknown Daughter McGhee(1574). She married Boyd Lupold.(1575) (Additional notes for Boyd Lupold(1576)) He resides in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA 1965.

She resides in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA 1965.

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