401. Robert Jerome5 Linn Sr. (Charles Hunter4, Chatham3, James A.2, Andrew1)(2470) was born June 14, 1922. Robert died February 2, 1984 at 61 years of age.

He married twice. He married Eleanor E. Kenney June 14, 1945.(2471) (Additional notes for Eleanor E. Kenney(2472)) He married Anna M. Brungard August 20, 1960.(2473) (Additional notes for Anna M. Brungard(2474)) She resides 1984. __________________________Further Research Required Source 00838:26 notes her maiden name as Brunyard but it is difficult to discern if the y is indeed a y or perhaps a g. Document 00947:2 notes that the name is spelled with a g; however, the later version of 00947, 01409:24, indicates that it is a y. To further the conflicts and confusion, source 00838:54 clearly has the name typewritten with a g. Anyway, until this is resolved, this writer has elected to spell the name as Brungard. ________________________OBITUARY - ROBERT J. LINN, SR. LOCK HAVEN - Robert J. Linn, 61, of Lock Haven R.D.2, died at 4:12 p.m. Thursday in the Lock Haven Hospital emergency room. He lived at Lock Haven R.D.2 for nine years. Born in Renovo on June 14, 1922, he was the son of Charles and Blanche Aikley Linn. In 1940 he graduated from Renovo High School and in 1941 for Rising Sun School of Aeronautics. During World War II he served in the U.S. Navy. Linn retired after 41 years as a diesel mechanic for Conrail. He was a member of First Baptist Church and American Legion in Lock Haven and was a life member of the Elks Club in Renovo. On August 20, 1960 he married Anna M. Brungard, who survives. Also surviving are three sons, Robert Linn Jr., Bellefonte, Richard Saxton, Mill Hall and Sheldon Saxton, Troy, Ohio; three daughters, Mrs. Ronnie (Barbara) Riggs, Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Thomas (Betti) Carpenter, Clayton, N.Y. and Mrs. Wayne (Beverly) Guy, Mickelton, N.J; 16 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. (00838:54) __________________________Further Research Required Document 00947:2 notes that Robert Linn Sr. first married Eleanor E. Kenney. However, no other source appears to verify this; in fact, the later version of 00947, 01409:24, indicates that he was only married once. The most compelling evidence that he was married prior to Anna is that at his death he had great-grandchildren surviving him. Given that he had been married to Anna for 24 years at the time of his death, it is nearly impossible, and certainly improbable, that these great-grandchildren were direct offspring of Anna and Robert. The number of grandchildren would also indicate that Robert's children weren't young when their father died. It is, therefore, likely that all of Robert's children were by his first wife; however, more conclusive evidence is required before any certainty of these matters is obtained. The names of these grandchildren must also be determined. Another clue in this puzzle lies in the fact that two of his sons have the surname of Saxton rather than Linn.

Robert Jerome Linn Sr. and Anna M. Brungard had the following children:

child 665 i. Robert Jerome6 Linn Jr.(2475). He resides in Bellefonte, PA January 1995.

child 666 ii. Richard Saxton(2476). He resides in Mill Hall. He is listed in his father's 1984 obituary as surviving him (00838:54).

child 667 iii. Sheldon Saxton(2477). He resides in Troy, OH. He is listed as surviving his father Robert in Robert's 1984 obituary (00838:54).

child 668 iv. Barbara Jean Linn(2478). She married Ronnie Riggs.(2479) (Additional notes for Ronnie Riggs(2480)) He resides in Atlanta, GA.

She resides in Atlanta, GA. Barbara is listed in her father's 1984 obituary as surviving him (00838:54).

child 669 v. Betti Linn(2481). She married Thomas Carpenter.(2482) (Additional notes for Thomas Carpenter(2483)) He resides in Clayton, New York.

She resides in Clayton, NY. She survived her father Robert according to his 1984 obituary (00838:54).

child 670 vi. Beverly Linn(2484). She married Wayne Guy.(2485) (Additional notes for Wayne Guy(2486)) He resides in Mickleton, New Jersey.

She resides in Mickelton, NJ. She is listed in her father's 1984 obituary as surviving him (00838:54).

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