7. James A.2 Linn (Andrew1)(155) was born June 8, 1804. James died January 17, 1897 at 92 years of age. His body was interred Aft Jan 17, 1897 in Blanchard, Centre Co., PA, Blanchard Cemetery.(156)

He married Mary Morrison.(157) Mary was born June 26, 1814.(158) Mary(159) was the daughter of Joseph Morrison and Elizabeth Unknown. Mary died February 1, 1895 at 80 years of age.(160) Her body was interred February 1895 in Blanchard, Centre Co., PA, Blanchard Cemetery.(161) She was listed as a resident in the census report in Bald Eagle, Clinton Co., PA, 1840.(162) Additional census information: 1840 lists her as age group 20-30 (01431). __________________________Further Research Required Source 01409:4 indicates that Mary's father was James while source 00838:23 indicates that her parents were Joseph and Elizabeth Morrison.

James's occupation: Carpenter. He was listed as a resident in the census report in Bald Eagle, Clinton Co., PA, 1840.(163) Additional census information: 1840 lists James as age group 30-40 (01431). When Brian Linn visited the grave site of James and Mary, he noted its indication of James as a veteran (00846). The following are various notes related to the family of James and Mary Morrison Linn. (Items 1-6 are from 00838:23 and item 7 come from 00838:25. 1) John C. Linn (May 27, 1860 -- August 30, 1860) may have been a son. He is buried in Blanchard Church of Christ Cemetery. _2) James and Mary are buried in Blanchard Baptist Cemetery. _3) James's obituary in Clinton Democrat on Jan 9, 1897 and Jan 21, 1897. Clinton Republican on Jan 20, 1897. _4) Mary's obituary in Clinton Republican on Feb 6, 1895. _5) John and Sarah Linn Miller had no children. _6) When Drucilla Linn was married on Oct 9, 1856 she was living at Florence (the section of Beech Creek between Harrison & Water Streets). Her brother Joseph operated a woodworking shop in that area. _7) In 1850 in Beech Creek Township, the Linns, Morrisons, and Thomas and Hannah Crispen lived very close to each other. Hannah was a sister of Mary Morrison Linn. __________________________________ASSESSMENTS ________________________________(Source 00838:8) 1829 - Bald Eagle Township, Clinton County listed: Single, carpenter 1831 - Bald Eagle Township, Clinton County listed: Single 1835 - Bald Eagle Township, Clinton County listed: Married, 1 cow 1836 - Bald Eagle Township, Clinton County listed: 1 horse & Unk?? 1846 - Howard Township, Centre County listed: farm manager James Linn is listed as a full time carpenter on the 1850 census (first census to list occupation) (00853:31). Mrs. Charlotte Walters said that in the years of 1910 to 1920, a Mr. Reeder form Lock Haven used to visit her home in Sunbury, PA (01409:8). __________________________For Additional Information See Wills and Probate at Clinton County Courthouse, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and the Clinton Democrat of June 10, 1895 and Thursday, January 21, 1897 (01409:8). See the census records for 1850 (listing 8 children) and 1870 (family 101) listing James Morrison, age 86, living with this family (01409:8). __________________________Further Research Required In the Lingle's history of Beech Creek they list James and Elizabeth Morrison Linn as a new family during the 1830s (00853:109). The item of note, however, is that her name is listed as Elizabeth not Mary; was her given name, in fact, Mary Elizabeth? The other obvious, though coincidental, possibility is that there was another James Linn who married a Morrison girl and settled very near James and Mary: not likely, that's too coincidental! The research by John Johnstonbaugh, Jr. [00947 & 01409:4] notes a reference for James and Mary on the 1850 and 1870 census; therefore, a copy of the relevant portion of both [census] should be obtained. Also, regarding Martha, Mr. Johnstobaugh's research (00947) indicates she married an O'Connels; is this, perhaps, her second husband? Joseph Morrison was living with them in 1870 and was listed on the census as James (00838:1); why was he listed as James? The Belfonte newspaper reports that John Linn married Drucilla Linn of Florence, Clinton county on October 9, 1856. Who was this John and was his name really Linn? Florence was the section of Beech Creek between Upper Waters street and Harrison (sp?) street. (00838:25) By way of speculation, on Brian Linn's part, perhaps the Harry who was being raised by James and Mary in 1880 was a son of Drucilla or possibly Martha (especially if her first husband William Maybee had died). Page 2 of 00947 lists Harry as the child of Emma Linn Hendricks and Mr. Hendricks. This should be determined!

James A. Linn and Mary Morrison had the following children:

child 41 i. Tillie3 Linn(164).

child + 42 ii. Margaret Linn was born 1834.

child + 43 iii. Joseph M. Linn was born July 23, 1835.

child + 44 iv. Martha Linn was born circa 1838.

child + 45 v. Drusilla Linn was born August 6, 1839.

child + 46 vi. Mary C. Linn was born circa 1842.

child 47 vii. Henrietta Linn(165) was born 1844. She married twice. She married Mr. Shultz.(166) (Additional notes for Mr. Shultz(167)) She married Abraham Kauffman January 23, 1863.(168) (Additional notes for Abraham Kauffman(169)) The Reverend W.G.E. Agnew married Abraham and Henrietta and at one point she lived in Niagra Falls, New York (01409:7). Abraham was from Mill Hall (00838:23). __________________Further Research Required Apparently, she married again to a Mr. Shultz, whose given name is unknown (01409:7). _____________________For More Information See the Clinton Democrat of January 29, 1863 (01409:7).

child + 48 viii. James P. 'Polk' Linn was born 1845.

child + 49 ix. Andrew 'Jack'son Linn was born circa 1846.

child + 50 x. William R. Linn was born 1850.

child + 51 xi. Emily J. Linn was born circa 1852.

child 52 xii. Anna 'Sarah' Linn(170) was born July 1854. She married John J. Miller March 7, 1889.(171) John was born November 1853. (Additional notes for John J. Miller(172)) Alderman Orrin T. Noble conducted the marriage of John and Sarah. The marriage records list Anna as living in Beech Creek Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania at the time of her marriage. (01409:8) _____________________For More Information See the marriage records at Lock Haven Courthouse, Lock Haven, PA (01409:8). __________________Further Research Required In document 00947, a Sarah Linn (born circa 1854) is listed as a sister to Anna Sarah Linn Miller (born in July, 1854). The names and birthdays are too much alike for two siblings. It is likely that these women are really one in the same; in any case, this apparent conflict should be resolved. Source 01409:8 lists the 1870 census as a reference, noting Sarah's age as 16; this census should be looked at.

child + 53 xiii. Chatham Linn was born January 21, 1857.

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