Second Generation

3. Mary2 Linn (Andrew1)(18) was born before 1796. Mary died after 1843.

She married John 'Mathias' Waggoner.(19) (Additional notes for John 'Mathias' Waggoner(20))

The above birth year was determined based upon her being listed as the eldest daughter in her father's will and the birth date of Elizabeth (c.1796 from source 01409:4), who is listed as the second eldest daughter in the will of Andrew Linn, Sr. __________________________Further Research Required Mr. Johnstonbaugh notes in his documents (00947:1 & 01409:4) that Mary was dead in 1853. Her father's will, probated in 1853, lists her as a beneficiary. Perhaps she had died after the will was written (1843) and her father lacked either the opportunity and/or the inclination to change his will. There must be some reason to believe that she was dead by 1853, that reason must be discovered! Also, there is a question as to how the name Waggoner or Wagner is spelled. Source 00838:5 indicates Wagner while the Will of Andrew Linn, Sr. (00838:1) states Waggoner.

Mary Linn and John 'Mathias' Waggoner had the following children:

child + 10 i. Mary3 Waggoner.

child 11 ii. Martha Caroline Waggoner(21). She married William Holden.(22) (Additional notes for William Holden(23))

child 12 iii. Elizabeth Waggoner(24). She married John Swartz.(25) (Additional notes for John Swartz(26))

child 13 iv. Barbara Waggoner(27). She married Peter Swartz.(28) (Additional notes for Peter Swartz(29))

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