Researching the genealogy of the Andrew Linn, Sr. family has been a long process. It has been conducted by many and put together for presentation on this web site so that the reader may know all of what the genealogy minded family members know about our history. It began, quite innocently enough, when I was a young teen. I had a love of history and my grandmother saw value in sharing with me all that she knew of my ancestors.

Since those first rather informal discussions, my interest has grown, notes written on scraps of paper have given way to neatly written (sometimes typed) pages properly documented, and manually drawn charts have given way to genealogy software. I have met many genealogists along this journey who, in past years, have not had access to such great tools; I must admit that because of them, this work has been researched and constructed in far less time than it would have taken only a generation ago.

There is not likely a genealogy which is complete and this work is no exception. Many records include sections entitled "For Additional Information" and/or "Further Research Required." The latter is provided so that the reader may know what information is considered certain and what facts are uncertain. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to research each area; however, anyone having knowledge about an item listed under "Further Research" or any correction to this genealogy is welcome to contact me at one of the following addresses: 1) postal mail at 15529 R45 Hwy, Saint Charles, Iowa 50240 or 2) electronic mail at

I trust that the anecdotal information will be enjoyable to read and the factual information will be helpful. This edition has been both exciting and challenging to produce, and I hope that the reader finds this to be true as as well!