515. George Allison6 Linn (Lester Lenn5, George Allison4, Joseph A.3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(2816) was born in Clovis, Curry Co., New Mexico June 25, 1918. George died February 21, 1989 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California, at 70 years of age. His body was interred February 24, 1989 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California.

He married twice. He married Wilma Frankie Montierth in Florence, Pinal Co., Arizona, December 24, 1937.(2817) Wilma was born in Safford, Graham Co., Arizona May 20, 1921. Wilma(2818) was the daughter of William Franklin Montierth and Ada Allred. Wilma died September 12, 1982 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California, at 61 years of age. Her body was interred September 15, 1982 in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California.(2819) She was endowed in Lange, May 27, 1961. Temple Code: temple code unknown. Wilma and George Allison Linn were sealed in Lange, May 27, 1961. Temple Code: temple code unknown. Sources 01274:1 and 10396:3 note that she was baptized on June 2, 1929.

He married Anneeda Weaver in Lake Tahoe, El Dorado, California, August 19, 1983.(2820) (Additional notes for Anneeda Weaver(2821)) There were no children born to George and Anneeda. Apparently, Anneeda was previously married to a man whose surname was Weaver. (01374:3,4)

He was endowed in Lange, May 27, 1961. Temple Code: temple code unknown. George and Wilma Frankie Montierth were sealed in Lange, May 27, 1961. Temple Code: temple code unknown. He was sealed to his parents in Oakla, 1993. Temple Code: temple code unknown. _____________________________Biographical Sketch _________________________________Source 01375 George Allison Linn was born 25 June 1918 in Clovis, Curry, New Mexico. His parents were Lester Lenn Linn and Harriot Elizabeth Gleney. He has four brothers and three sisters. He mostly grew up in Kansas on a farm. He had always been a hard worker. By age five he had complete charge of feeding and milking a cow. When he has about ten he delivered newspapers driving his dad's Model T. He could barely see over the steering wheel! As a child he road a horse to school. He always had a good sense of humor and enjoyed a good laugh. One day he rode his horse into the school room. His teacher didn't think it was funny and sent him home! Life on the farm was hard and the family was poor. George dropped out of school in the eighth grade, left home and from then on took full responsibility for himself. His first job after he left home was on a farm closer to town. He got room and board for working 12 hours a day. Hen then moved to Stafford, Graham, Arizona and lived with a cousin. There he met his first wife, Wilma Frankie Montierth. They were married 24 Dec 1937 in Florence, Pinal, Arizona. They had three children - Ada Frankie, Linda Marie, and Ada Andrea. Their first baby lived only three months, this was very hard on George and Wilma. During their married life they lived in Arizona, Nebraska, and different parts of California. They raised Linda and Ada in San Jose, Santa Clara, California. George was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 1 August 1959. He worked in the Elders Quorum Presidency for many years. In the late 1970s he was ordained a High Priest. George, Wilma and the three children (the first baby by proxy) were sealed as an eternal family on 27 May 1961 in Los Angeles, California temple. Wilma died 12 September 1982 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California. They had been married 45 years. George found companionship with his second wife, Anneeda Weaver, in the last years of his life. They were married 19 August 1983 in Lake Tahoe, El Dorado, California. George began his career in construction in 1941. His excellence as a master carpenter was exceed only by his modesty. George could build anything. As an example, when his employer, Rudolph, was building an addition to his home. a rounded windowsill detail had everyone stumped. George "eyeballed" the situation, then laid out and cut the sills. "Sometimes I just get lucky," he said. George retired in April of 1985. At his retirement party he was asked how long he had been a carpenter. He replied, "I've been trying to be one for 43 years!" He donated many hours to working on scout camps and in other areas of the scouting program. His compassion for people was tremendous. He used to say "You don't have to go far to find someone worse off than you are." George's children and seven grandchildren love him for the wonderful example and great man that he was. He died in San Jose, Santa Clara, California on 21 February 1989.

George Allison Linn and Wilma Frankie Montierth had the following children:

child 773 i. Ada Frankie7 Linn(2822) was born in Superior, Pinal Co., Arizona August 7, 1938. Ada died October 4, 1938 in Superior, Pinal Co., Arizona, at less than one year of age. She was sealed to her parents in Lange, May 27, 1961. Temple Code: temple code unknown. Ada Frankie was baptized and endowed as a child. (01374:1)

child + 774 ii. Linda Marie Linn was born April 21, 1949.

child + 775 iii. Ada Andrea Linn was born September 24, 1951.

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