Source Reference - a reference such as "source 1409:7" should be interpreted to read "this information comes from page 7 of a source numbered 1409." This is most often used in text files and is a holdover from the previous version of the software, which didn't’t allow for a citation that would print with other notes/citations. It is still helpful to overcome what can be termed a "bug" in the software currently employed. Each event may have a citation for event evidence and the text file. If these two citations contain multiple sources and they are the same sources, then the citation is reported as a duplicate by the program and leads to additional confusion within the program. This type of source reference gets around the problem. Using only one citation per event and placing it in the text field could obviate the results of this "bug." This solution would only be viable, however, if the event text were always included in reports, of which the web site would be one. Therefore, text files would have to be free from "private" text or at least such text was so marked; furthermore, it would make it more difficult to check the evidence when looking at the record since one would have to drill down a couple of additional layers in the event. In addition, when the source reference is contained within the paragraph, it applies only to that sentence; however, when it appears after a sentence, it applies to all of the information preceding it within the paragraph.


Resided or resides event - used only on the descendant’s record, not the descendant’s spouse. Furthermore, the spouse in the role section of the event. The failure to abide by both of these will cause the family journal to print this information twice, which does not read well.

Residence - children and spouses are presumed to have lived with their parents unless otherwise noted. Therefore, residence events don’t begin for individuals until they have a home of their own, separate from their parents

Sources for this project are numerous. However, one may note that there are fewer sources for the immediate family of Brian J. Linn. The closer the family relationship to Brian, the more he drew from his own personal knowledge in putting this work together for immediate and closely extended family.