Welcome to the Virtual Cemetery Tours portion of the Linn family web site. Clicking on the cemetery name from the list below will bring up a map of that cemetery. These maps have been created primarily by Brian Linn as he has visited these cemeteries over the years. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy but there is no way to be certain that each is fully correct or all inclusive. Please feel free to submit any comments regarding additions or corrections. Each map has a copyright and is available for personal, non-commercial use, without specific permission and with proper attribution of its source. Please note, that the image provided on the web site is optimized for screen display is unlikely to be suitable for quality printing. If you require a quality print, please request one.

By Cemetery Location
KS, Reno, Kingman, Sego
KS, Gray, Ingalls, Ingalls
PA, Clinton, Beech Creek, Hays Fearon
PA, Clinton, Lock Haven, Highland
PA, Clinton, Mill Hall, Brown
PA, Clinton, Solana, Methodist Episcopal
By Cemetery Name
Brown, Clinton, Mill Hall, PA
Hays Fearon, Clinton, Beech Creek, PA
Highland, Clinton, Lock Haven, PA
Ingalls, Gray, Ingalls, KS
Methodist Episcopal, Clinton, Solona, PA
Sego, Reno, Kingman, KS