There are many who have contributed to this work and been kind sources of information, taking my telephone calls, answering my letters and even giving of their time to research a particular fact. In addition to the many, there are five people who have provided me copies of their extensive research on the Linn family.

Janet Dishon of Shelton, Washington, has been a great help in preparing this work. Her own research accounts for about significant perentage of overall work and she graciously came East to enter her research into my database, spending about 10 days with breaks only for sleeping and eating!. Her efforts and enthusiasm acted as catalysts for me to create

John J. Johnstonbaugh of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania and Princeton, Florida has been very helpful in answering specific questions and providing me thorough copies of his work on the Linn family. He has the distinction of providing the most recent fact included in this work.

Harry Lingle was the first to contribute his research to my files. In conducting inquiries to write historical works related to that area of Pennsylvania, Mr. Lingle compiled valuable information, which he was kind enough to share with me.

Jeanne N. Linn possessed a great interest in genealogy and had, over the years, put together impressive documentation on various family lines, including the Linns. As soon as I made contact with her, she was willing to share all that she had and to undertake with me a collaborative effort to further this genealogy. She welcomed me into her home on many occasions and was a delightful person with whom to work!

Linda Tiapson of Jamestown, California should probably be considered the "found" relative. My efforts combined with the efforts of those above, had not produced any information on the line from which she descends. Jeanne Linn met her while doing some research and, upon Linda's suspicions, the two came to realize their relationship. Since that time, Linda and her children have made significant contributions to this genealogy!

Thank you all, Brian J. Linn